Cat and puppyWe are committed to animal welfare

27.11.2021 - Since 2016 and as a non-profit recognized animal welfare association, Einfach Tierschutz e.V. primarily takes care about the adequate animal housing of neglected dogs and cats, as well as their young animals. After they have been carefully nursed and socialized, they should be conveyed to a safe and loving new home.
"Einfach Tierschutz e.V." currently operates several animal shelters, so called "Phoenix Shelter Einfach Tierschutz e.V.” in Eastern Europe with more than 7,700 members. However, food, maintenance, campaigns etc. cause high costs.

The managing director of Beeline Logistics GmbH, Mrs. Melanie Prinz, committed to animal welfare for 15 years and has been a member of this organization from Frechen/Germany for 2 years now and, in addition to the usual membership fees, also provides financial support concerning the welfare of the animals with regular calls for donations on social media. As humans, we are responsible for the welfare of animals, therefore Beeline Logistics GmbH will increase this year`s call for donations to € 200.00 and donate to "Einfach Tierschutz e.V.".

At this point we would particularly like to ask pet owners and people who love animals for financial support. Use the donation account of "Einfach Tierschutz e.V. or our Facebook donation call

We wish you a peaceful pre-Christmas season.

Happy dogs in the arms of the ownerWe love animals too!

16.08.2021 - Due to current events, we would like to urgently ask for your support.

The new EU Veterinary Medicines Regulation was passed in June 2019. This regulates the use of certain antimicrobial agents in the interests of public health and food safety. According to this, these funds should in future only be reserved for people for medical treatment.

From January 2022, a large number of important antibiotics may no longer be used for our four-legged family members. That would mean that your beloved pet would have to be euthanized because of an easy-to-treat bacterial infection in extreme cases, just because there would no longer be adequate treatment due to this far too short-sighted prescription.

The intention of this regulation is partly understandable and sensible. The aim is to curb excessive use in the food and meat industries. But does that mean our dogs, cats, and our children's darlings have to die from a scratch? That just can't be.

We urgently call for the alternative scientific proposal from the Commission, which has already been agreed with the European pharmaceutical authorities and the WHO, to be taken into account.

Support us by signing the petition on today.

Your pets would thank you.

Brazilian-flagBreakthrough in negotiations with high-ranking government- and authorities representative (Customs Department) in Brazil

18.01.2021 - After months of negotiations with countless telephone conferences and, finally, personal meetings with Brazilian representatives, Beeline Logistics GmbH and its affiliated company, Diplomatic Council ZEC / Tenerife, finally achieved another success at the end of 2020.
This includes among others Import benefits as well as optimization variables and customer-oriented solutions in Brazil and underlines once again the market presence of Beeline Logistics GmbH in this South American country.

belgium flag coronaBelgium new regulations to protect against new corona infections at short notice: Curfew in the province of Antwerp notification from 02.08.2020 / 11.30 pm

With immediate effect there is a curfew at night in the province of Antwerp as well as the obligation to transfer personal data prior to entry.
The Belgian province of Antwerp has imposed a curfew at night from 11:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. to combat the corona virus. Work related journeys / trips and thus drivers in road haulage are exempt from this block, but should be able to prove their activity in the event of police controls by confirmation from their employer. In this context, the use of the "Certificate for International Transport Workers" published by the EU as Annex 3 of the "Green Lanes Guidelines" is recommended.

From August 1, 2020, people entering Belgian territory will also be required to electronically display information about themselves and their travel using the "Passenger Locator form", at most 48 hours before entry.

Submitting a "Passenger Locator Form" is mandatory in the following cases:

  • For people residing outside Belgium who will be staying in Belgium for more than 48 hours
  • For residents of Belgium who have been outside Belgium for more than 48 hours
  • For all people entering Belgium by ship or plane, regardless of their place of residence or length of stay outside of Belgium
Despite the efforts of the Belgian association TLV, there is no exception for truck drivers.

The "Passenger Locator Form" can be found online here: (French, Flemish and English versions are also available). After filling it out, either load it on your smartphone or take it with you in printed form when you enter Belgium! If there is no mobile phone number, the document must be completed and a printed copy of it must always be kept

Crane with residential containerBeeline Logistics GmbH supports "2020 Aid Project Mozambique” after Cyclone Idai

The impact of the cyclone Idai in spring 2019 affected several million people, particularly in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. As one of many initiatives Mr. Martin Brunnmeier presented his aid project in the middle school in Frontenhausen, Germany to point out the need for help and to ask the students for donations of clothes, hygiene articles, mattresses and bed linen etc. This initiative by Martin Brunnmeier and his girlfriend Muaramadane Ali Emane, who is from Mozambique was supported by numerous people which made it possible to implement the project in the form of donations in kind and the delivery of containers for residential use as well.

At the end of March 2020, after 8 weeks transit with one of the words leading steamship lines CMA-CGM the materials reached the port of Nacala in Mozambique. In a first step, 10 residential containers and several tons of aid were delivered. The aid was distributed personally to the poorest in Mozambique by Muaramadane Ali Emane, since existing compliance issues are a major problem, particularly in African countries, and a distribution could thus be ensured.

Beeline Logistics GmbH - which is a member of the Diplomatic Council of the United Nations (UN) - acts among other things in a consultative capacity(UN Consultative Status) and as a logistics service provider for UN projects worldwide. For this purpose, Beeline Logistics, with the participation of various partners, was responsible for the entire logistical handling of the aid project. Already at the end of January, the 10 residential containers along with relief supplies were loaded onto truck trailers. After the loads reached the port of Hamburg, the residential containers were stowed and secured onto flat rack containers for ocean freight at the beginning of February, the freight left the port of Hamburg by container ship to Nacala / Mozambique.

Newspaper article
The relief supplies ultimately benefit the needy population in Mozambique. Martin Brunnmeier, with the support of Beeline Logistics GmbH, will soon be carrying out further aid shipments of this kind.

We thank Mr. Brunnmeier and Ms. Emane for their tireless efforts for this aid project and the trust they have placed in us. We also thank everyone who supported the aid project in any form and will continue to support it in the future.

protective masks, gloves, disinfectantsExport of personal protective equipment (PPE) from the USA prohibited since 08.04.2020

09.04.2020 - On Friday, April 3, President Trump issued "Memorandum on Allocating Certain Scarce or Threatened Health and Medical Resources to Domestic Use" directing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in consultation with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), to use the Defense Production Act to keep scarce medical resources within the United States for domestic use.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) subject to this policy includes: N95 respirators, and a variety of other filtering respirators, air-purifying respirators, surgical masks and surgical gloves. Since Wednesday 08.04.2020 the export of these products is completely prohibited. Read more Joint FEMA-CBP Statement on Export of Critical PPE

Easter eggsBeeline Logistics GmbH wishes you a happy Easter

09.04.2020 - The Corona crisis has hit all areas of our society hard. The virus has left deep wounds both in the economy and in private life. We have probably not yet reached the peak of this pandemic.
That is why we must do everything possible to ensure that the virus spreads very slowly and that our health system does not collapse. So stay at home, keep your distance, wash your hands more often. This is the only way to get back to everyday life faster.
Despite everything, we wish you and your family a happy Easter in a small circle and stay healthy!

Government building GermanyFederal Government admits Diplomatic Council to Open House

30.03.2020 - The Federal Republic of Germany has included the Diplomatic Council in its new Open House programme for the procurement of medical equipment. The programme was initiated by Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU). In contrast to classical public procurement law, important medical equipment can be delivered to the place of use without lengthy negotiations. However, only companies and organisations that meet the specified standards for fair and flawless trade are permitted to participate.

Under the leadership of DC Executive Member Melanie Prinz, the Diplomatic Council ZEC will work directly with the government's crisis management team.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn explains: "We want to provide the best possible protection for doctors, nurses and all those working in the health sector. That is why we, as a federation, procure medical protective equipment from all over the world and supply it to all federal states and associations of panel doctors. In return, we offer fair, fixed prices for all those who supply us with protective masks and gowns from home and abroad."

Image Melanie PrinzPresentation at this year's DC Executive Club event on 07.02.2020

Melanie Prinz, Logistic Consultant and Executive Member of Diplomatic Council, in addition, Managing Director of Beeline Logistics GmbH will give a lecture on the topic Diplomatic Council ZEC, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (SPAIN) –
ZEC zone counts with the best taxation in EU, precisely 4% in Corporate Tax among other advantages. Very interesting for transport and logistics, as well as industry, renewable energies and other types of services.

Further information can be found at:

Logo §7 SprenGPermission according to §7 of the Explosive Act

In January 2020, the Government of Bavaria granted Beeline Logistics GmbH permission under §7 of the Explosive Act (Permit No. 33/001/20/E-LA).
Beeline Logistics GmbH therefore receives permission to move, transport, hand over and receive explosive substances (dangerous goods of Class 1) on the basis of §7 (1) of the Explosives Act, IMDG-Code, ADR, IATA.

Logo Startup Leadership Award 2020Startup Leadership Award 2020

Beeline Logistics GmbH is nominated for first Start-up Award/Leadership Award 2020 by Diplomatic Council The Global Think Tank (UN Consultative Status). The Winners will be announced at Diplomatic Council Gala 2020, Gala Event on February 07,2020 in Frankfurt where the winners will receive their Awards.
For more information you can visit website of Diplomatic Council directly

Diplomatic Council ZEC flyerDiplomatic Council ZEC, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (SPAIN)

Mutual specialization in the Industry/- Logistic branch, Tax Advisor and due to long term partnership between Managing Director of Beeline Logistics GmbH Mrs. Melanie Prinz, CEO of Alfinter Forwarding, ES-Santander Mr. Christoph Hahnkamm and the Lawyer and Economist & Founding Partner of M&C and Tax Advisor Mr. Javier Maestro Seoane agreed to combine resources and know-how to founded Diplomatic Council ZEC.

ZEC zone counts with the best taxation in EU, precisely 4% in Corporate Tax among other advantages. It counts with reference ports near Africa, first-class infrastructure, application of the European legal framework, legal certainty, low living/business cost and excellent climate and quality of life.
Details can be download on our website, or you can visit website of Diplomatic Council ZEC directly

Beeline Logistics GmbH supports the children's hospital in Landshut with a donation

This year Beeline Logistics GmbH charitable donate to the Children`s Hospital in Landshut (Freunde und Förderer des Kinderkrankenhauses St. Marien in Landshut e.V./Friends and Sponsors of the Children`s Hospital St. Marien in Landshut)

With our donation we want to help ensure that a high standard of medical care in the Childrens`s Hospital and its continued existence are secured in the future as well.

(Peoples in the photo from the left to right: Patron, Former Mayor Mr. Hans Rampf / Chairwoman, Mrs. Anneliese Huber / Managing Director Beeline Logistics GmbH, Ms. Melanie Prinz / Vice-Chairman, Lawyer Mr. Andreas Neumann)

In 2000, the association "Friends and Sponsors of the Children's Hospital St. Marien in Landshut" was founded on the initiative of senior staff at the Landshut Children`s Hospital. The main task of the association has always been to provide material and ideal support to the St. Marian Children`s Hospital in fulfilling its national task, in order to ensure that the children in the Children`s Hospital receive the best possible treatment in the long term.
The activities of the St. Marien Children`s Hospital are aimed at the special well-being of children and the youth.

For more details please refer to the flyer (PDF).

Presentation at this year's DC Executive Club event on 28.06.2019

Melanie Prinz, Managing Director of Beeline Logistics GmbH and, in addition, Diplomatic Council Executive Member, will give a lecture on the topic "logistics is our life" at this year`s DC Executive Club-Event". Among others insights into various logistical challenges and solutions will be given.

Contemporary issues such as the trade war between China and USA, punitive tariffs or the new Silk Road, we have to deal with the question every day of how we can ensure the smooth supply of all kind of goods in the long term.

Find out more at the DC Executive Club on the afternoon of 28 June before the evening DC Summer Party at Schlosshotel Kronberg (Frankfurt).

Further information can be found at:

In a short film, the Diplomatic Council Executive Club and the evening summer event are record

Approval as regulated agent granted on 30th November 2018

Beeline Logistics GmbH has now been approved as a regulated agent by the Federal Aviation Authority in Braunschweig under the registration number: DE/RA/01476-01. The examination of the safety program, as well as the recent on-site inspection of the operating site and the sufficiently qualified personnel meet the high requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 300/2008 and its implementing regulations. Search in the Union Supply Chain Security Database under (after login):

More information under: Reglementierter_Beauftragter_node.html

Diplomatic Council Summer Event at Kronberg im Taunus/Germany on 18th June 2018

Vietnam Airlines organized a lottery of Business Class and Premium Economy Class tickets. One of the lucky winners, Ms. Melanie Prinz (Managing Director at Beeline Logistics GmbH Germany), received the tickets from the hands of Ms. Phan Thi Nguyet, General Manager Germany at Vietnam Airlines, and His Excellency Doan Xuan Hung, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the Federal Republic of Germany and a member of the Diplomatic Council and also from Vietnam, Secretary General of the Diplomatic Council, Ms. Thi Thai Hang Nguyen.

Diplomatic Council New York Founder´s Gala in Battery Gardens on 30th May 2018

The Gala supports Global Tassels efforts to help fund the cost of our Student-Leaders educational needs and the ability to operate in dire communities around the world. Founded in 2014, the DC partner organization Global Tassels is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that opens opportunities for students living in developing countries to receive financial sponsorship for college education. We currently work with countries such as Colombia, Haiti, India, Kenya, and The Philippines. Global Tassels is committed to select potential student leaders who will ultimately return to their home country to implement a project that will impact their communities.

At last Founders Gala the General Secretary of the Diplomatic Council, Hang Nguyen, was honored with the l Community Innovator Award. The Global Community Innovator Awards are given to different individuals who have worked on innovative programs related to their field of expertise. From education to business; from information technology to social services; from medicine to engineering – in all service and engagement, contributing to the betterment of humanity.

Details to Diplomatic Council can be found under